Resources: AQA Religious Studies Knowledge Organisers

Over the past few weeks I’ve been in the process of making knowledge organisers for AQA Religious Studies A GCSE. You can find below the result, KOs for Buddhism, Christianity and Themes A-F from a Christian perspective.

The idea is to fit an entire topic onto an A4 sheet so these are mere overviews with many omissions. They are not designed to be used in lieu of teaching and other resources but to supplement them as a first port-of-call for students self-quizzing or re-capping knowledge. As you can see the first part is focused on key words (not a complete list but the most integral ones) followed by condensed overviews of key ideas. I have tried to dual code the ideas section using icon images from The Noun Project.

For a brief overview of the pedagogy behind knowledge organisers this article from the Chartered College of Teaching is a good place to start.

I hope you find these useful but if you do share, adapt and re-use them please link back to this blog post rather than sharing the files individually. Thank you!






Christianity Beliefs

2019-03-25 19_46_43

Christian Practices

2019-03-26 19_03_37

Buddhism Beliefs


Buddhism Practices

2019-04-08 20_00_00

Theme A: Relationships and Families

2019-03-25 19_46_33

Theme B: Religion and Life

2019-03-25 19_39_57

Theme C: Existence of God and Revelation

2019-04-08 19_14_18.png

Theme D: Religion, Peace and Conflict

2019-04-08 19_16_54

Theme E: Religion, Crime and Punishment

2019-04-08 18_32_42

Theme F: Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice

2019-04-09 11_05_18

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  1. These are great! Students you haven’t met are using these and are benefiting from them, so thank you for sharing, much appreciated.


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