Resources: Retrieval Roulette for AQA A Religious Studies Christianity and Buddhism

Adam Boxer’s Retrieval Roulette idea has been doing the rounds on Twitter for a while now and I’ve been meaning to give it a go as I’ve been trying to incorporate more recall into my day-to-day teaching practice.

The idea is that Adam has created a spreadsheet into which you enter simple recall questions on your subject and this then generates a list of either 10, 8 or 6 questions which you can use to test students on. The beauty of Adam’s spreadsheet is that it provides a mix of the current topic and questions from previous topics (i.e. interleaving). I tend to do recall quizzes either on scrap paper or whiteboards so that they are not creating testing anxiety for students.

Here then is my version of retrieval roulette for AQA Religious Studies A Christianity Beliefs and Practices and all six of the themes focusing on Christianity. I have also provided a separate sheet with Buddhism Beliefs and Practices for any teachers taking that route.


Download: AQA RS A Christianity and Themes Retrieval Roulette

Download: AQA RS A Buddhism Retrieval Roulette

huge thank you to Adam for the nuts and bolts and the idea behind this. It is a massive timesaver once you’ve put the questions in. Please do take a look at his blog for more ideas and writing: A Chemical Orthodoxy



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